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Kamalpreet Kaur stepped into the humid Tokyo evening, dreaming of an Olympic medal and while it may not quite have materialized on a rainy evening, the Indian still managed to hold her head high with a solid performance. While her throws didn’t quite match up either to her qualification mark or the personal best she has managed in the past, it was still good enough to place her at number 6th in a field of the world’s top 12 discus throwers.

The Indian started off with a 61.62 and improved to a 63.70 on her third attempt, she couldn’t then build on top of that and finished outside the podium places. The competition was halted midway through as torrential rain made things difficult for the players to find any grip on the floor. Not just the difficulty, there was a real danger of athletes ending up injured and it was rightly decided to postpone the event.

When the athletes returned to the throwing base, the conditions were challenging to say the least. The humid air made the discus travel slower and less far than it would otherwise. Sure, it the conditions were the same for all, some of the less experienced throwers surely had a more difficult time than the others.

Kamalpreet had just done two of her throws prior to the rain-delay and post the interruption she did try her best to get a throw that would put her in the medal contention, but couldn’t quite go past the 64 mark, that could have made her a medalist. Nevertheless, Kamalpreet did enough to make sure she will be a contender in the years to come.


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